Energy Healing Services

In a world of such craziness, where being ‘busy’ has become everybody’s second job, we built Bromelia with the intent of helping you escape that chaos and spend some time reconnecting with yourself. Offering many different types of energy healing treatments, we guarantee that you will leave recharged, revived, and 100% relaxed! This page guides you through all the energy healing services we offer.



Reiki is an Energy Healing Technique that can be used to treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. It can treat anything from stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, up to chronic diseases like diabetes, addiction, kidney stones, fertility problems, and even cancer. The older or more chronic the problem, the more treatments it may take to heal.

Price: $80

Tibetan Sound Bowl Treatment

A sound bowl treatment brings you to a deep, relaxed, restorative state of mind. It’s a beautiful way to get your own energy back to life again when it has been a bit asleep. The vibrations and sounds are amazing and it gives an extra dimension to your relaxation.

Prices: normal $60

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

Energy channeling devices or antennas channel Tachyons to give the body a fresh energy charge, balancing the chakras and energetic meridians. It is similar to Reiki, but no practitioner is needed. Tachyons are subatomic particles of energy that travel faster than the speed of light. It is incredibly relaxing since it helps move the stress (stuck energy) out of the body, promoting health. You can find more information about Tachyons at

Price $60

Thermal Massage Spinal Alignment

A Korean Caragem V3 massage bed that measures the length of your spinal column, weight distribution, and pressure points before it gives you a massage using heated Jade rollers, spinal adjustments, (similar to a chiropractor), and acupressure points.
There are 10 different programs designed to promote health, relaxation, circulation, stability, a balanced body, and concentration, among others.

Price: $40 (45 minutes)