Courses and Classes at Bromelia

Reiki Classes, Training & Certification

Reiki 1

4 days of instruction, half practice and half theory. Upon completion of the course, the student is then required to do 40 hours of practice treatments, take notes, and demonstrate to the teacher the learned skills, before advancing to the 2nd certification level. Price: $800

Reiki 2

8 days of instruction time and the student is requested to do 60 hours of practice treatments in order to receive a 2nd level diploma. At this point, they are considered ready to treat patients with chronic diseases. There is a huge difference between information and knowledge. There is no knowledge without practice! Price: $1400

Reiki Master
After finishing both levels of reiki you can talk with Tito about becoming Reiki Master. Tito will examine your abilities and may decide you are ready to become a master. It usually takes a few years of dedicated practice to reach this level. Prices are on request.

Chi Kung (aka Qi Gong or Qigong)

Consists of a series of exercises combined with breath work directed at promoting health and longevity. This is done by charging the body with new, fresh energy, similar to Reiki, but without an intermediary. This oriental technique focuses on achieving balance in all of our bodies, resulting in health, strength, and wellness. There is Soft, or Medicinal Chi Kung, and Hard, or Martial styles. We teach both.

Prices: Group $15 – Private $40
Medicinal chi kung training $1000

Meditation Classes and Training

An ancient technique for training the mind, by calming and centering it, thus bringing it back to the present moment.
There are hundreds if not thousands of studies that confirm the benefits of meditation both for the mind as for the body.

Prices: Group $15 – Private $40

​JuJitsu (Japanese style)

A system of self-defense that uses the opponent’s strength and energy. Ju means soft, pliable, or flexible and Jitsu means skill or technique, so you do not oppose the force of an attack but yield and use its energy and momentum to your advantage. Martial arts, under the proper guidance, is about more than just the self-defense aspect, it helps to unify body, mind, and spirit, center the ego, and teaches honor, respect, and discipline.

Prices: Group $15 – Private $40

Yoga Classes & Courses

We offer different types of yoga at Bromelia, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Let us know upfront when you want to take the classes because of the schedule of our Dojo.

Prices: Group $15 – Private $40

Our Certifications

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